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ECOTRADE was one of the first Estonian companies to focus on the development, production and sale of plant-based protein foods. At the moment, we are a significant participant in the food industry market in Estonia and supply our products to the EU countries.

Our products are made using the best sources of plant-based protein, such as soya, wheat, peas, various vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. They also contain healthy fats, vitamins and fiber.

We offer more than 30 different products under our own Veganic brand. The range features both frozen and chilled products including hamburgers, schnitzels, snacks. Veganic products can be found in stores and in the HoReCa wholesale network.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are experts in development and manufacture of products for business customers. If you are looking for a reliable partner in the food industry, we will be happy to help. By combining your ideas with the great competence of our employees, we can create high-quality and tasty products.

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The mission of Ecotrade is to develop plant-based products that meet the body’s protein needs. We strive to create only tasty and healthy vegetarian and vegan products.

Ecotrade respects the principles of clean and transparent production, as well as people, animals and the environment.


Ecotrade is committed to continuous progress in order to provide its business and end customers with high-quality products. We want to not only take a leadership position in the market, but also to seek innovative and more promising ways of developing the food industry. The global economy and environmental situation dictate new business conditions. People are increasingly thinking about the conservation of natural resources and rational consumption. Due to the growth of eco-awareness, we are seeing an increased interest in healthy plant-based protein foods and concern for the environment. At Ecotrade, we consider this an important and inspiring trend, and we will continue to work for the benefit of our society.

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